Spanish, Spanglish And sort-of English…

We have been here now for just over 5 weeks and it feels like more (it a really good way!). We feel like God has blessed in settling in really quickly. 

Last weekend we decided to see what culture was like a little further out of Santiago so we went to a town called Valparaiso, on the coast only 2 hours by bus. It was also nice to get a little time to ourselves. 

Valparaiso is known for its steep funiculars and colorful, clifftop homes. We did a really interesting walking tour to learn all about its history. A lovely end to the trip was watching the sun set over the city before we heading for bus back home. 😊☀️

The same weekend was also a bank holiday in chile so on Monday the 10th, a few churches in Santiago meet in a beautiful park for their annual ‘Pic-nic‘. This involved an early start to the day, with each church bringing most of their members, along with lots of food (for breakfast and lunch) and lots of energy! 

The morning involved lots of activities in friendly competition with other churches. This included running races, tugs of war, sack race, and giant volleyball only to name a few! There were events for young and old, male and female, fun for the whole family! 

It was another great social event for us to spend time with people from the church and practise lots more Spanish. As you can also tell from the pictures, the weather was pretty great and another beautiful backdrop to top it off! 

October is a busy month for IBI (iglesia bíblica independiente). The following weekend was a mission conference in the church – another annual event. This was on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning and involved a guest speaker from a church plant on a island called Chiloé, in the south of Chile

On the Saturday a slot was also given to us for Latinlink. Our coordinator here, the lovely Ruth, came to answer some questions and do a bit of translating for us. One of the questions we were being asked was how we came to know God and tell our story. We felt that because this is quite personal, we decided to translate it ourselves and say it in Spanish. It was pretty difficult (I’ve also had a bit of cold which didn’t help) and we sounded… well you can imagine! Ha! But we think our lovely new church family appreciated the effort😝. 

In between all the happening at church, we are now into our fourth week of language school. We have really enjoyed it and it’s been great getting to meet so many travellers from all around the world, learning the language with us. 

Our Spanish is improving a lot but it’s still pretty frustrating when we think about where we want to be. I guess that’s a big thing that we need some prayer for, patience. But we have such a special advantage to other students and such a blessing; we get to talk with our wonderful hermanos every evening, Elizabeth and Edwardo, who we stay with in our house. They are extremely patience with us and so loving and helpful. It’s been fantastic living with them and we will miss them when they move out in a few weeks time. 💜

So to finish up, here’s a few differences here than in Chile than in the U.K…

1. The weather: we have had the first rain this weekend since we have been here. 

Apart from that, we have had so much blue sky!! Drreeeeaaammm!

2. There’s a lot of bread! 🍞 : I have never such a selection of delicious breads in the shops. It’s also extremely common to have lots of bread in the evenings in a meal called once. Rico!! 

3. Language : obviously there’s a lot of Spanish spoken here… 🙄 

4. El metro: i know there are metros in lots of places in the U.K. but it can get pretty crazy on the metro here in Santiago at the peak times… 🚞. The picture below is one of the stations that we have to squish into everyday. Quite the adventure! 🤔

5. Spanish: oh yea, I’ve mentioned already… but it’s pretty tricky! 😂 we have also noticed we speak Spanglish at times and our English is starting to sound a little different 😝

6. People spending time with each other: Again, I know we also love to do this in the U.K, but here, I feel like they take it to the next level. Quite often for gatherings, a whole day is spent together… eating lunch, chatting and chilling, then more eating… we love it 😍. 


Thanks again for reading, and for all the support you give us!!! Until next time, keep in touch! 

Dios te bendiga!